Recycling Services

What we offer

The Recycling and Waste Team can provide a competitive recycling collection from your school premises. We offer a fortnightly collection of plastic, cans, glass, paper and cardboard collected in either sacks or wheelie bins.

In addition to recycling collections, we offer the Junior Street Champion scheme - a set of free workshops for primary schools. The workshops support the curriculum and teach children about the importance of recycling and looking after the environment.

Workshops offered

  • The Household Recycling Centre. (Site visit to see Hortonwood Household Recycling Centre).
  • Composting. (Learn about and have a go at composting - a compost bin is available for the school).
  • The Recycling Process. (Site visit to see how the purple top bin recycling is sorted with the latest technology including magnets, before being baled up to go to it’s next destination).
  • The Magic of Energy from Waste. (Site visit to see the process by which the red top (non-recyclable) bin waste is burnt as a fuel to create electricity).
  • Recycle Races (learning what materials can be recycled and which container they go in at home).
  • Food Waste and the Lunch Box Challenge. (Reflect on how much waste is created with a packed lunch - what can be done to reduce how much waste is created?).
  • Munch and the Funny Tummy. (Learn what recycling is, with a little magic and the story of a special truck called Munch).
  • Assembly. (Giving an overview or introduction to the topic; can also be done with pupil participation at the end of a project).
  • Our Streets. (Children learn how and why it’s important to look after our streets by completing a street audit, litter picking and learning how to report environmental issues to the council).

All the workshops are free of charge however we do ask that you provide your own transport to the site visits. On completion of a number of workshops the school will be presented with the Junior Street Champions accreditation certificate.

Why choose us?

Our collection service:

  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Mirrors the existing household collection making it easy to use
  • Savings are passed onto you as this service is in addition to the household recycling service

Existing customers

If you are already receiving a recycling collection and need to report a missed collection please visit our website or use the MyTelford app.


Ruth Jones

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