Who are we?

We are a team of Educational Psychologists, Trainee Educational Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists who apply psychology to support the wellbeing and progress of children and young people aged 0 - 25 years.

At Telford, we prioritize creative and collaborative approaches informed by modern psychology to support children in a variety of contexts, within schools and throughout the community. As a team, we are always surveying the horizons and actively seeking new and innovative ways of working to support families and young people. Through this, we aim to develop holistic and preventative approaches to promote the wellbeing of children and families across Telford

At Telford we work collaboratively with families, children and a variety of agencies, including health and social care to provide holistic support for children.

Supporting our community is vital to providing aid and wellbeing for children and young people. At Telford, we have reached into the community to offer psychological support.

At Telford, we prioritize innovative ways to work with children and their families, using new and creative psychology to work at individual and systemic levels

We believe the wellbeing of children, families, teachers and school is central to all of our work. We promote whole school and individual wellbeing. 

We are working with Strengthening Families to support children and families with extended school avoidance to re-integrate into school and family life. The approach is informed by acceptance and commitment therapy, which is applied to work with the whole family.

We have partnered with PODS to support parents who have children with Autism. Our team provides group and individual sessions to support parents with Autistic children in their daily lives.


Telford EPS Bakes is a place where we share our love of baking and psychology! We believe positive psychology can be shared through baking and sharing together. 




We provide Autism Education Trust training for primary secondary and post-16 settings, in combination with Learning Supper Advisory Teachers.

At Telford EPS we provide annual training for Emotional Literacy Support Assistants within Primary and Secondary Schools.


The Educational Psychology service is supporting Telford and Wrekin with the 10 by 10 initiative, to encourage children to participate in ten life enhancing activities by the time they are 10 years old.


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