Occupational Health

What we offer

Pragmatic occupational health advice provided by qualified Occupational Health Advisors and Physicians to ensure the health of employees, and others, is protected whilst at work and also to enable you to make appropriate management decisions.

The Occupational Health Service will assist you in meeting your duty of care as an employer to provide a healthy and safe working environment for your employers under legislation and also support you in meeting any health and wellbeing related OFSTED requirements.

  • Pre-employment health assessments, ensuring fitness for role; and in line with 
  • Advice on health problems affecting performance and/ or attendance at work (via management referral);
  • Advice on the interaction between health and work and how individual situations might be managed;
  • Advice on rehabilitation/return to work following a period of sickness absence;
  • Medical advice from an independent Medical Practitioner on ill health retirements as required in line with pension regulations.
  • Assistance with carrying out specific statutory risk assessments for individuals where there is a health related component;
  • Advice on adjustments that could be made to allow people with disabilities to commence or continue in employment;
  • Access to a confidential employee counselling service.

Related Services

We also offer other services that complement our Occupational Health offer and in the majority of cases these are purchased as a fully comprehensive HR package.

These include:

Employment Services (Employment Contracts & Payroll)

HR Advisory Services

There are significant benefits to taking the full HR service package:

  • We are able to provide an integrated service from appointment stage to payroll, through to HR Advice. Full employee information is then shared across the Service to support you with the management of employment matters throughout the employee life cycle.
  • This provides a “one stop shop” in terms of supporting you with all aspects of managing employees and creates efficiencies in processes to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach.
  • The HR Advisory Team can work closely with Occupational Health to ensure that the advice you are given is pragmatic and moves the issue forward.
  • The Employment Services Team has access to specialist HR advice for more complex contractual/pay matters.


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